Thursday, February 5, 2009

Let the photos do the talking? =]

Hey hey.. been lazy 2 blog this few WEEKS! omg.. WEEKS!.. xD.. well.. let the photo do the talking for me then... =]

Souvenir from my buddy! Leon.. who went 2 TAIWAN for band performance !

Bicycle basketball? xD

Nice ma ? i draw one ! =]

Alvin playing the horse riding game in Jusco Queens =]

Miss ya alvin!!!

Orange from my form teacher! =] thx ah tiang! xD

Lion dance

Aquarium Club!!.. those 2 banners i design d .. xD.. nice ma?? =] ...

My buddy Raymond!! Pengerusi of Aquarium club and Assistant President of Bomba!!

Me and my another buddy!.. merrit! .. showing off our aquarium club resits !! xD

counter for badminton 0.0.. so many people T.T

Squash counter!! weee xD

Me.. Shouting : Lai lai !! Squash Club!!!... (shout till no voice -.- wth)

St John! acting... good actors.. xD.. they are good in saving people 2 !! =]

Pan Mee from KL xD.. what a large bowl huh... i manage 2 finished it xD..

Muahahha! can u beat it? .. Want to see how 2 get 758?.. find me .. xD

Nice ma? =] ...

This 1 i draw it in the middle of the night.. where shaun stayed over at my house and he is fastly asleep ..xD (during CNY)