Thursday, December 25, 2008

Its Christmas.....

Merry Christmas my friends... erm. woke up late... then stayed at home whole day till 4pm.. i then go play basketball.. till 5pm.. then.. Meet up with Nerry at the field to go to the beach... while in the field. we saw Shaun.. So.. we called him to go with us to... BEACH !! weeee... Went there to play kite!.. =] the wind is strong today.. and a lot of malays were at the beach xD.. a lot of small stalls too.. Went home late -.- kena marah by my mom .. xD.. nvm now ok le...

kite!.. =]

Nerry preparing another kite =]

Half of me.. with Shaun right =]

Fly kite fly! xD


Wa... 0.0


So many people at the beach.. =]

Nice ma ?.. =]

What are they doing? 0.0 find lala? xD

Couple.. 0.0 i wonder why must he put sand on his gf leg... someone explain? xD

Small stalls.. =]

We went another place to fly our kite..which is also near the beach.. but there no body.. good =]

People.. flying kites =]

Nerry.. flying the kite in new location xD

So high 0.0 [ zoomed ]

[unzoom] 0.0 high ma? xD

Nerry helping Shaun with the kite..

weeeee.. =]



ME =]

Me and Shaun.. =]

Ahh... love this picture!.. Shaun(right) Me(left)

The 3 of us =]

0.0 shaun?..


Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Beach outing =]

Heyhey... I and my friends went to the beach this morning!... Woke up at 5 something.. then 6am they all gather at my house actually is gather in Khye Shen's house.. but change of plans xD..
My friends who went : Khye Shen, Nerry, Wei Siang, Alvin Gan.. =]
The best is near .. erm.. near gold coast there lo... got sand.. and also mud xD ..
Pictures taken are below .. oh ya.. some pictures are label with numbers.. so pls see which picture taken is the best ... ok ? pls ... thx =] write the number in my chat box thx ya !!..



















Wei Siang =]

Nerry in the mud xD






Wei Siang.. waiting 0.0

Khye Shen and Nerry

Nerry. .ll*wonders* what is he looking at 0.0 ?ll.



EPK =] (ugly) =[

Nicer?.. =x


weeee... =]


woooo .. 0.0



Alvin!!! xD

Nice ma ?.. hehe =]

All.. =]





Wei Siang and Alvin with kite =]




What are they doing?.. fighting to heaven ?

weee.. heaven!..







Me and Wei Siang the endao!!

Alvin with the kite..

Fly kite fly!! =]

Nerry with the dead crab... poor crab =[

HOME =[...

Pls write which number of the pictures u like the most in my chat box ya... thx =]
Before i end... I wish all of u.. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year =]